BRAC’s Responsible Pet Partnership Program

A new puppy or kitten can be a wonderful addition to any family. There are many things to consider when you bring your new puppy or kitten home. Naturally, you’ll want a veterinarian to check things over and make sure your little one is healthy.

Just like children, growing puppies and kittens need to be seen every 3-4 weeks by a veterinarian until they are approximately 4-5 months of age. Your veterinarian will perform a complete physical examination at each visit, develop a customized vaccination schedule and address any medical issues as they arise.

Additionally, we have found other important areas that need consideration with a new puppy or kitten: behavior, training and socialization. With this in mind, BRAC developed the Responsible Pet Partnership (RPP) program in 2007. This program addresses everything you might need to learn about your new puppy or kitten’s behavioral changes, basic training issues, and socialization within your family and with other animals. The RPP program is a series of three visits with our Director of Behavior Services, Brad Phifer, CPDT or one of our Registered Veterinary Technicians, Blythe Swanger, RVT or Amber Taylor, RVT, who all have an interest and specialized training in pet behavior.

These appointments are designed to fit easily into your schedule between your regular veterinarian visits. They are 30 minutes in length and are one-on-one sessions with you and your pet. To thank you for completing the RPP program, BRAC will reward you with a complimentary spay or neuter for your new puppy or kitten (This offer is valid only for clients who have an established client-patient-doctor relationship at the Broad Ripple Animal Clinic or the Broad Ripple Animal Wellness Center. Puppies and kittens must be 12 weeks old or less when they enroll in the program.) The cost of the program is only $40.00 per visit (for a total of $120.00). Your complimentary spay or neuter includes pre-anesthetic bloodwork, a pre-anesthetic examination, anesthetic induction and monitoring, IV catheter and fluid therapy, and post-operative pain management. This package is valued at up to $350.00, which is a savings to you of more than $200.00 when you complete the RPP program. Laparoscopic spay is now available for an additional cost. For more information, or to schedule your new puppy or kitten to see one of our veterinarians, please call us at 317.257.5334.

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