Motion Sickness: Don’t Let it Stop You From Traveling With Your Pet

Did you know that motion sickness in dogs is a very common occurrence? It is estimated that about 1 in 6 dogs gets sick from traveling. That’s 17% of all dogs! If your dog falls into this group, don’t give up on that road trip to Grandma’s house.

Now there’s Cerenia, a new medication that prevents vomiting caused by motion sickness. Cerenia was developed by Pfizer Animal Health just for dogs and works very well – with a success rate of up to 93%! It is safe and effective and is the first FDA-approved prescription medication for motion sickness in dogs.

Some common questions about Cerenia:

How does Cerenia work?

  • Dogs get motion sickness either because they are anxious while traveling or because their balance is affected by movement. In either case, Cerenia blocks vomiting signals, which prevents dogs from getting sick.

How should I give Cerenia tablets to my dog?

  • Do not feed your dog for 1 hour before giving Cerenia. The best time to give Cerenia is 2 hours before traveling, with a small amount of food. Do not wrap the tablets tightly in fatty food such as cheese or meat, since this may keep the tablets from dissolving and delay the effect of Cerenia. You can give your dog Cerenia once a day for up to 2 days in a row. After that, no additional doses will be needed due to the effects of Cerenia lasting for multiple days.

Will Cerenia make my dog sleepy?

  • Cerenia is non-sedating, so most dogs won’t feel tired or drowsy after taking it.

Cerenia can be used for long trips in the car or just a short ride to the dog park or your veterinarian’s office. For additional questions about Cerenia or your dog’s health, please call 317.257.5334. Have a safe and fun summer – happy travels!


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