Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs: Success Stories

Dr. Ben Ealing has been performing stem cell therapy treatment for dogs since early November 2008. In the eight months he’s been performing this therapy, he’s seen nothing but positive results, in varying degrees. The doctors, staff, and clients of Broad Ripple Animal Clinic & Wellness Center have all been amazed at the positive effects of stem cell therapy. We’ve been able to treat osteoarthritis and debilitating pain in more than a dozen dogs in the Indianapolis area.

One of our earliest cases is a dog named Sunshine. She had not been able to go up and down stairs for several months. She limped badly prior to treatment. Sunshine’s owner, Anne reported, “The day after treatment, I went upstairs for a shower and in a few minutes, there she (Sunshine) was in the bathroom. She limped intermittently the second day, but now she is walking with no limp and her usual ravenous appetite has returned. If it is cool weather, she tries to break into a trot on her daily mile walk. I have to hold her back. She is not counter surfing yet, but who knows what is to come.”

Another dog named Jeremiah had been unable to walk a distance of 10 feet in over a year. He underwent stem cell therapy in March and has made fantastic strides for the better. His owner, Jo reported to us, “Profound changes for Jeremiah! Woo-Hoo!!! Friday night he walked into the kitchen on hardwoods several times–each time going further! Without coaxing, he walked 28 feet one-way across the hardwood floor, then on Sunday he walked from the kitchen, through the tile foyer, all the way across the living room for a total of 62 feet one-way. He did this at least 8 times that day. I feel like the stem cells are rejuvenating not only his hips–but his whole body and sense of well-being!”

If you have an interest in stem cell therapy for your dog, contact your veterinarian or go to Vet-Stem’s website for more information. The website provides a vet locator service to find a veterinarian near you, who is trained to perform stem cell therapy.

Jeremiah 33.3


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