Got Fleas? Billboard raises awareness of the dangers of fleas & parasites

Got Fleas? Billboard raises awareness of the dangers of fleas & parasites

Got fleas? Maybe not, but could there be other bugs in the system? A variety of internal and external parasites can invade your pet’s system, causing everything from acute discomfort to full system shutdown. Fortunately, most of these difficulties can be avoided through careful maintenance and prompt medical attention.

Got fleas? Probably….parasites are everywhere. Through no fault of our own there is likely some form of parasite lurking near us. In some cases, they are in our home or right next door. Fleas are a good example of an opportunistic parasite that, with proper protection, will almost never cause a problem—but left to chance will eventually find your pet.

Tell us your flea story for a chance to win a $25 gift card! Fleas and ticks are everywhere and we have heard some crazy (and gross) stories about them. But we want to hear more!! Post your story here on our blog and each month, we will pick the BEST (and yes, most GROSS) one. If we pick yours, the music is on us!

2 Responses to “Got FLEAS?”

  1. 1 Lisa Barton June 29, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    I adopted a stray hobo kitten last July after a friend found him near her house mewing. Alfie is an orange tabby and his age at the time was approximately 3 months old. He was heartbreakingly adorable (still is) and very affectionate.

    My friend agreed to keep him with her until he got thoroughly checked out and tested. When they took him to FACE, he tested negative for FIV and feline leukemia but they determined his belly was full of worms and he had ear mites in both ears. They gave Alfie part of his deworming treatment and gave the rest to my friend, as well as the medicine for the ear mites.

    However, after a couple of days, poor baby Alfie got much worse. He stopped eating and had very little energy. We were afraid he wouldn’t survive. He was extremely lethargic and lost his kittenish behavior. He just laid on the floor on his little blanket and whimpered. Then my friend noticed what looked like two wounds on his body — one on his chest and one on his throat. She was afraid that he’d been bitten by some other animal and that the wounds were infected. We both panicked and my friend took him to the vet.

    After examining him, the vet determined that on top of the intestinal worms and ear mites, poor little Alfie had been bitten by a mosquito that deposited cuterebra larvae in his skin! The reason why he became so weakened was that he had three types of parasites eating away him! After he received the deworming treatment and the ear meds, the cuterebra were burrowing out of his skin, which is what created the wounds on his chest and throat. The vet removed the cuterebra and gave my friend an antibiotic for Alfie, who made a full recovery. As of July 6th, He will have been with me for a year. He is a great kitty and a good companion me and for my other cat Beta, a tortie of four years, although she doesn’t always think he’s so great. 🙂

  2. 2 Lisa Barton June 29, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    Oops! When I said that the vet gave “the rest (of the deworming treatment) to my friend” what I menat was that she took the rest home to dose out to Alfie later. My friend does NOT have worms. HA!

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