Hi Tech Option for Pet ID Tags

No one ever wants their pet to become lost, but the fact of the matter is that it does happen. Unfortunately, there are many pets who are never reconnected with their families because they lack proper identification to find their way home. Permanent identification is a must for our furry companions. Microchipping is a great form of permanent identification, which we highly recommend. But, what if your pet requires medications for a medical condition and becomes lost?

ID TagWe found (and tested) a new “hi-tech” ID tag for pets called dawg-e-data. The tag is actually a high-speed USB device that can be used to store all the details of your pet’s history including your personal information, your pet’s vaccination records, medical history, and medication schedule. The tag is durable and waterproof, and can be easily updated anytime there are changes or additions to your pet’s history. You can even store digital photos and x-rays! The tag is compatible with Windows 2000 or higher, Vista, and Mac. If your pet becomes lost, the tag can be plugged into the USB port of any computer and the built-in software will load and display your pet’s data. As with any tag that is attached to your pet’s collar, there’s always the risk it will become detached, which is why we suggest you microchip your pet AND use an ID tag. You can purchase the dawg-e-data tag direct from the manufacturer for around $30.00 plus the cost of shipping. The peace of mind is priceless!

2 Responses to “Hi Tech Option for Pet ID Tags”

  1. 1 Bill September 11, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    If your pet is lost, with or without tags or microchips, you may want to check out this site which helps people find their lost pets quickly at http://www.findmylostpet.net. Mail out Alerts with a picture of your pet, contact info, etc. to 100s or 1000s of heighbors in one business day.

  1. 1 Hi Tech Option for Pet ID Tags Broad Ripple Animal Clinic … | Everything 4 Pets Online! Trackback on September 10, 2009 at 9:29 pm

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