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Candy and Pets Don’t Mix, Even on Halloween

cow dogHalloween and Trick-or-Treat is fun for people of all ages. Even dogs have been known to dress up and go trick-or-treating with their families!

Despite all the fun, we can’t let down our guard when it comes to our pets’ health. Halloween candy can pose a serious health risk to cats and dogs alike. Dr. David Lee, of Broad Ripple Animal Clinic and Wellness Center says, “If your pet gets into your Halloween candy, contact your veterinarian immediately.” Continue reading ‘Candy and Pets Don’t Mix, Even on Halloween’


Halloween and Your Pet

ChildBlackKittenEvery fall, our neighborhoods are overtaken by ghosts and goblins and other scary creatures for a night of fun and tradition. Children love getting dressed up in costume and going door-to-door to collect Halloween treats. There are all kinds of safety tips to protect kids on this night each year, but what about pets?

Our pets crave structure and routine. Anytime we can anticipate a change from our normal routine, we should take into consideration the impact this will have on our pets. Are you ready for Halloween this year?

Continue reading ‘Halloween and Your Pet’

Rabies Cases on the Rise in Indiana

cat_eatingWorld Rabies Day was just a few short weeks ago. The purpose of this day, was to raise awareness of the fact that rabies is still present in our society and that our pets need to be vaccinated against this potentially lethal disease.

While rabies cases continue to exist predominantly in wildlife, our pets are still at-risk, especially cats. Why cats? Cats are curious stalkers and bats carrying rabies have exposed cats to this deadly risk…even indoor only cats! Most people can remember an instance when a bat has entered the home by way of the chimney, becoming trapped, unable to find its way back outside. It’s only natural that a cat’s instincts would kick-in when this happens, causing your mild-mannered house cat to pursue this tiny intruder.

Nationwide, rabies cases have dropped by 3.1% this year. But in Indiana the number of cases seen so far in 2009 has increased by 160%, reports the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. How does this impact you and your household? Continue reading ‘Rabies Cases on the Rise in Indiana’