H1N1 Confirmed Diagnosis in a Household Cat

Pet love IIThe Iowa Department of Public Health has confirmed a case of people passing the H1N1 virus to their family pet. The IDPH issued the following statement today, “Two of the three members of the family that owns the pet had suffered from influenza-like illness before the cat became ill,” said IDPH Public Health Veterinarian, Dr. Ann Garvey. “This is not completely unexpected, as other strains of influenza have been found in cats in the past.” All members of the household, including the cat have recovered from their illnesses.


The 13-year old cat in Iowa developed signs of a respiratory infection after several people in the household became ill. Preliminary testing was positive for H1N1 on October 29 and the results were confirmed on November 2. This is the first report of a cat infected with the H1N1 influenza virus.

It’s important to seek veterinary care if your pet develops any signs of illness or respiratory problems. To help keep your pets healthy you should take preventative measures such as washing hands, covering coughs and sneezes, and minimizing contact with your pets while ill with influenza-like symptoms.

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