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2010 Nestle Purina PetCare Award Recipient

Dr. Christine Heinz has been chosen as the 2010 Nestle Purina PetCare Award! We are so proud of Dr. Heinz’s accomplishment, as it is a well-deserved recognition for her hard work as a veterinarian.

One American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) member veterinarian is chosen each year in recognition for their outstanding efforts to positively influence the lives of animals and people. This year, Dr. Heinz was nominated by one of her clients. This nomination was supported by two more client essays, telling the stories of their relationships with Dr. Heinz over the past few years.

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Candy and Pets Don’t Mix, Even on Halloween

cow dogHalloween and Trick-or-Treat is fun for people of all ages. Even dogs have been known to dress up and go trick-or-treating with their families!

Despite all the fun, we can’t let down our guard when it comes to our pets’ health. Halloween candy can pose a serious health risk to cats and dogs alike. Dr. David Lee, of Broad Ripple Animal Clinic and Wellness Center says, “If your pet gets into your Halloween candy, contact your veterinarian immediately.” Continue reading ‘Candy and Pets Don’t Mix, Even on Halloween’

Halloween and Your Pet

ChildBlackKittenEvery fall, our neighborhoods are overtaken by ghosts and goblins and other scary creatures for a night of fun and tradition. Children love getting dressed up in costume and going door-to-door to collect Halloween treats. There are all kinds of safety tips to protect kids on this night each year, but what about pets?

Our pets crave structure and routine. Anytime we can anticipate a change from our normal routine, we should take into consideration the impact this will have on our pets. Are you ready for Halloween this year?

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A Three Step Plan to Keep Pets Healthy and Happy

A healthy dog or cat is no accident. It takes a commitment from owners to provide a healthy lifestyle and regular veterinary care throughout each pet’s life. In other words – a plan. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


1) Twice-a-Year Wellness Exams. Because pets age seven times faster, on average, than people do, health problems can occur in a short amount of time. Six-month wellness exams allow us to diagnose, treat and even prevent health problems before they become serious.

2) Disease Prevention. When you bring your pet in for a wellness exam, we’ll conduct a risk assessment to determine your pet’s exposure to various diseases. We’ll also use a “Wellness Checklist” to design a vaccination and wellness plan to help protect your pet from disease threats.

3) Pet Health Insurance. When your pet’s wellness exams, vaccinations and other preventive care are covered by pet health insurance, both you and your pet benefit. And, pet health insurance provides greater peace of mind knowing your pet is covered when unexpected medical expenses arise. We can help you determine if pet health insurance is right for your pet.

Broad Ripple Animal Clinic and Wellness Center is one of 15,000 veterinary clinics nationwide participating in National Pet Wellness, an educational initiative sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association, Fort Dodge Animal Health and VPI® Pet Insurance.

Want to know more about pet aging, wellness exams, vaccination or pet health insurance? Feel free to call us at 317.257.5334 or 317.726.2711 and visit for more information.

Proposed Bill to Offset Pet Care Expenses

U.S. representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich) has proposed a congressional bill to make pet care expenses tax deductible. H.R. 3501, more commonly known as the ‘Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Years (HAPPY) Act’ if passed, would allow individuals to claim up to $3,500 in tax deductions per year.

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Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs: Success Stories

Dr. Ben Ealing has been performing stem cell therapy treatment for dogs since early November 2008. In the eight months he’s been performing this therapy, he’s seen nothing but positive results, in varying degrees. The doctors, staff, and clients of Broad Ripple Animal Clinic & Wellness Center have all been amazed at the positive effects of stem cell therapy. We’ve been able to treat osteoarthritis and debilitating pain in more than a dozen dogs in the Indianapolis area. Continue reading ‘Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs: Success Stories’

New Cancer Treatment Drug for Dogs

We have received news that Pfizer Animal Health has received FDA approval on a new veterinary cancer therapy, called PALLADIA. This drug was developed to treat grade II or II, recurrent, cutaneous mast cell tumors with or without regional lymph node involvement in dogs.

Mast cell disease is one of the most common cancers we see in dogs. Most can be managed surgically, but this new drug offers a new treatment option. PALLADIA will be available to board certified veterinary specialists in the coming months. Your veterinarian at Broad Ripple Animal Clinic & Wellness Center is able to discuss this treatment option with you and make referrals for candidates that may benefit from this new treatment. There are certain risks and side-effects that may occur with this treatment, so it is important to discuss this with your veterinarian. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 317.257.5334 or email Dr. Ben Ealing directly at